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Private Chef

Based from West London, Nina Zenovya is a chef and event designer who creates beautiful food and small celebrations in the UK, Europe and the Americas. She cooks for families as a private chef, for special occasions and for canapé parties.


Her food, designed to be shared, is often vegetable-centric, with interesting combinations of flavour, texture, spices and herbs. Her travels abroad are a constant source of inspiration and she is always on the look out for new culinary concepts to thrill even the most discerning of clients. 


With a background in party planning, she knows that food is the beginning of the story and that the table settings, ambiance and service are just as important. She loves dressing tables, folding napkins, flower arranging and her staff in equal measure. 

Nina considers herself so lucky to travel the world whilst following her passion. To say thank you, she volunteers and cooks for NishkamSWAT, a nod to her Punjabi heritage. 

© Helen Cathcart 

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