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© Helen Cathcart 

Nina Zenovya is a private chef and event designer who creates beautiful food and celebrations worldwide. No two menus or events are ever the same. 

Her passion for creating extraordinary parties has taken her around the world. Nina’s design aesthetic is best described as polished British charm meets the exuberance of the subcontinent, a nod to her Indian heritage.

When deployed as a private chef, she can rustle up a romantic meal for two or family dinners for upto 30, take up residency in country houses, fly to the South of France or cook up a birthday storm. 


Her travels abroad are a constant source of inspiration, and she is always on the look out for the perfect venues, locations and culinary concepts to thrill even the most discerning of party goers

Nina loves her work and aims to bring sparkle and deliver joy to each of her wonderful clients. As a way of saying thank you to the world for allowing her to follow her dreams, she has started to #spreadthelove

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