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The Shed
The Shed
The Shed
The Shed

The Shed


30 July 2019

I find Notting Hill & Holland Park somewhat of an enigma. All sorts of excellent and discerning individuals live there but it is remiss of a decent place to eat. Spectacular pubs are two a penny, particularly for when the sun shines, tucked away down hidden streets. Sadly the same streets are littered with overpriced, slightly up themselves restaurants.

I have always however, heard whispers of The Shed. It opened to much buzz and excitement several years ago. Run by The Gladwin Brothers from Sussex (a chef, a restauranteur and a farmer) and claims to bring a taste of the countryside to London.

We went on a Tuesday night and arrived at 7.45pm. The place was buzzing, lighting perfect and greeting warm. I instantly felt an affinity towards the whole concept. We sat down (a couple of drinks down, having met at one of the aforementioned pubs in the area) and rather over excitedly opted for the 7 course tasting menu.

Staff are dressed in checked shirts, and revel in warning you there may be shot lurking in your game dish, which, indeed, there was. Our cheese course was all British, ingredients are sourced from their farm, meat from their friends. It all feels very inclusive, well thought out and ‘in the family’.

Dishes oscillated between outstanding and a bit ‘meh’. The stars of the show included lamb sweetbread - buttery, fragrant, melt in the mouth - the delectable little beetroot and whipped goat’s cheese bite to start and the divine strawberry sorbet which was so fresh and clean.

The monkfish carpaccio however was not cold enough; the ravioli with buttermilk, mint & pea not quite soft enough. I’ve eaten at Rabbit, their sister restaurant and found the same – food is either sublime or underwhelming.

Despite its failings though, I absolutely urge you to go. The atmosphere is sparkling, the wine decent, food more than good enough and everything is delivered with a smile. It’s no wonder that it’s a firm favourite in that tricky-to-find-somewhere-worth-sitting-down-for-food location.

The Shed

122 Palace Gardens Terrace


London, W8 4RT

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