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1. Set the grill to a high heat.

2. Cut 8 slices of Taleggio, removing the rind if it is too tough.

3. Put a frying pan on a medium high heat and allow it to warm up before adding the bacon. Don't touch the bacon for at least 2 minutes so the fat is released. Lower the heat to medium, add a little butter then continue to turn the bacon until crispy.

4. Meanwhile, lightly toast the brioche slices.

5. Distribute the cheese evenly on each of the slices of brioche. Transfer to a baking sheet lined with kitchen foil and grill until the cheese has melted.

6. Drain the bacon on kitchen towel. Put three rashers onto the base of each sandwich.

7. Lather on the chipotle, before topping with the remaining slice of brioche.

7. Delight in the flavour and texture combination, then get your day off to a flying start.


Taleggio & Bacon Sandwich


2 hungover and very grateful humans

6 rashers streaky bacon 

A little butter, to fry the bacon in 

4 pieces of brioche bread 

Taleggio cheese 

Chipotle tomato sauce, if you can get your hands on some (it will really make the difference!) 

Taleggio goes beautifully melted into roast cauliflower if you have a little leftover.

Find the YouTube link to this recipe here

Taleggio & Bacon Sandwich
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