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Morsels of Delight
Morsels of Delight
Morsels of Delight

Morsels of Delight


Nina couldn't agree more with Tom Parker Bowles, who describes a canapé thus:

"Small enough to eat in one and sufficiently salty to stimulate the thirst. Able to be eaten in one bite and should not drip fat or juice down one’s tie or blouse. As ever with food, flavour comes first, but, in the case of the canapé, form and function must act as one"

Creating new canapés is a real passion for Nina, using the same principles as when serving larger meals - a blend of colours, textures and flavours is essential when cooking these mini morsels of delight. 'Mini' being the primary consideration - they ought to be eaten in one singular bite, utterly delicious and most likely garnished with an edible flower....

Nina can cater for upto 80 people for drinks & canapé parties, providing all equipment and (sparkling) staff on request.

Get in touch with your culinary requirements:

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